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Understanding Google Search Console

Want a great tool to get your website more traffic? Then this blog is for you. We’re going to tell you all about a free Google service called Search Console. And show how it can help you, and how you can get it set up.
So what exactly is Google Search Console? Well, it’s a service that gives you feedback about how your website is doing in Google search results.


It has two primary functions. It monitors your performance in Google Search results. And it also shows you how Google “sees” your site.


Say you own a coffee shop, and your website needs some updating. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways Search Console might be able to help you out.
One way is through its “Search Analytics ” reports. This can help you answer a few important questions like which searches bring people to your site. Or tell you when searchers click on your links. They can even let you know which other sites link to yours.

Why is this important?

Well, the “Search Analytics ” report shows lots of things, including the most common searches bringing people to your site. Ideally you’d see words and phrases relevant to your business, like:

Coffee shop Cotswolds, Coffeehouse near me, Pastries near Cotswolds, or Fair trade coffee near me.

If you review the report and see unrelated or irrelevant words and phrases, it’s a hint that the text on your website needs some attention.

Another thing to look for is the number of clicks. You’ll want to know how often your site appears but gets no clicks—that’s a sign your content doesn’t match what people are looking for.

The “Links to your site” report shows websites that link to your site. Think of these as “referrals.” The list should include websites relevant to coffee.
More and more people use mobile devices to access the Internet, so while you’re in Google Search Console you should also check out the “Mobile Usability Report”. This’ll point out pages on your site that don’t work well on mobile phones, which you can then fix to improve your website performance when people search on mobile.
There are two more really handy features within Search Console to know about: “Crawl” reports, and “Google Index ” reports.

“Crawl” reports let you monitor whether Google can visit your web pages. This is important because if Google can’t access your web pages, your content can’t be included in Google’s search results.

The “Google Index ” reports show what information Google recorded about your site and tells you if your pages are accessible.
It’s easy to get started with Search Console.

At Entwined Media we can do all this for you.

We will help you sign up, add your website and complete the verification to prove you own the website.

Now Search Console can generate reports for your site. It might be a few days before you see useful information because it must first gather and process the data. If you see a “No data yet” message, check back later.
When your site’s set up in Google Search Console, we will use the reports to figure out how to improve your presence on Google. Using the reports, we can make changes to help Google better understand your web pages and as a result make your website perform better.


Taking a business online

So what are the key differences between a customer in a physical shop and a customer online?

Imagine you just set a personal goal for 2019 to improve your fitness, and now need new running shoes. In the offline world your journey might go a bit like this:

You visit the local shopping centre, going from shop to shop. Ultimately, you make a decision based on price, quality, returns policy, friendliness of staff, and stock availability. You process all that information, head back to the store with the shoes you liked best, and make the purchase.

When it comes to online purchasing, you’re likely to engage in four distinct stages throughout your online shopping journey. Theses principles are described in the “See, Think, Do, Care” framework, and offer a useful way to identify where a business should invest effort in connecting with customers. Let’s take a look at our shoe shopping example, while highlighting these four stages:

In the SEE stage, you notice that some of your friends have taken up running, and are posting maps of their favourite routes on their social media accounts. This inspires you to start running yourself. In the THINK stage, you get your phone and type ‘what are the best running shoes for beginners?’. This introduces you to a whole lot of online content, from blog articles to targeted ads, giving you more factors to base your decision on. Eventually, you make your purchase, which makes up the DO stage, and perhaps post a photo on social media. This last step of sharing your purchase is part of the CARE stage.

Keep in mind that customers don’t necessarily experience all four stages every time – your individual journey might begin at the THINK stage, or end at the DO stage.

Now let’s combine offline and online activities together. Imagine you are in the sport shop having just tried on the new running shoes. You get out your phone and search for them online – perhaps checking if they are cheaper elsewhere. The chances are you might buy online after visiting a physical store- an approach called ‘showrooming’.

Understanding the differences and similarities between online and offline shopping can help you create a more balanced online customer experience.

So how can you identify where to focus your efforts online? To choose the right channels, find out out who you’re talking to, when you should talk to them, and what you should talk about. This is called audience segmentation.

You can segment customers in many ways, from basic demographics like age and gender, to specific interests. For example, segmenting customers by location may benefit an e-commerce store if certain products are only available to ship to specific areas. Segmentation can also help with your online advertising; as most channels allow you to target paid advertising to specific audiences, based on information like what an audience likes or dislikes. You can also make your ads appear only to people within a certain radius of your shop or business, which can be handy when offering promotions to local shoppers.

To wrap up, when it comes to taking a business online, think about the customers and put yourself in their shoes: which channels do they use most? How do you engage differently with them online and offline?

At Entwined Media Limited, #WeCanHelp!!

The Online Opportunity

It’s no secret that the world has embraced all things digital since the birth of the internet. Now we’re going to talk about how many people are online worldwide, and find out how those people are spending their time online. And finally, tell you how your business can benefit from the still-booming digital trend.

To give you an idea of the explosion of online usage over the last 15 years, consider this: In 2000, about 361 million people were online worldwide. In 2016, there were over 3 billion. That’s a growth rate of 764%! Today, nearly half the world is online.

For instance in India, the numbers are growing at an impressive rate with over 34.8% Indians having Internet access in 2016. Indians are so connected that they have an average of 0.80 mobile subscriptions each, that’s nearly one mobile line per person!

No matter which device they use, on average, people spend over 3 hours per day which is more than 90 hours in a month!

So what are they doing with all that time online? And how can your business tap into this opportunity?

Many of these digitally connected people are shopping.For example, there were close to 100 million online shoppers in India by the end of 2016.

Online video has also seen double-digit growth in the last five years, with millions everyday watching video on social sites or via websites such as Youtube, Netflix, etc.

And people are spending hours, socialising and sharing—nearly 2 and a half hours of their time spent online per day is on social media sites.

If you’re a business owner, all these people doing all these things online presents loads of potential for you.

And as time goes on, people will continue to use the Internet in even more ways that will impact your business.

It’s been truly a modern miracle to witness how the Internet has transformed our daily lives in such a short span of time.

In every country, in every region, across the globe, the world has made a fundamental and profound shift to digital. This is an opportunity any business can embrace.

Talk to us and we’ll show you how.

Digital Online Management – Get A Specialist To Manage Your Online Assets

The content that potential customers find online about your brand can be the difference maker for your business. We specialize in providing Digital Online Management services that help build trust in your organization.

Your online position is the merging of every piece of information about you online. This data comes together to form an opinion in a person’s mind about you or your brand, whether positive or negative. The easier it is to find the information, the more of an impact it will have on your reputation. The primary platforms that define your online reputation include:
● Google Search
● Google Autocomplete
● Wikipedia
● Google Reviews
● Online Directories
● Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

With Digital Online Management, we work hard to make all of the positive information easy to find on a day to day basis. We act as your representative on the different platforms by providing rock-solid team management that engages potential clients for you. At the same time, we use many different strategies and tactics to diminish the visibility of negative content, or in some cases, remove it from the web altogether. The end result is a positive online reputation because when people search your name or brand, they instantly find positive content.

What makes online communication unique from others is its immediate access to consumers and outcome. As with any media, a successful approach to digital- and social media requires knowing what you are doing, how you are doing it, and why. Social media networks have become vital to success as traditional media outlets, especially for reaching younger constituents. And when you don’t work with digital media on a daily basis, it takes time and effort to stay updated on the know-how for managing all your social communities effectively. That’s why we offer you the services of managing your accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.
You only get one chance to make a first impression, at Entwined Media #WeCanHelp you make it a great one.

Lead Generation – Successfully Converted Your Leads Into Sales

Lead Generation is the process of stimulating customer attention into your business for the purpose of further rendezvous. It is the sowing of seeds.
Today, lead generation is carried out in digital platforms. Online lead generation is your marketing weapon and to win the war depends on how you utilise this powerful weapon. Utilising lead generation begins from understanding the importance of lead generation and its impact.
It is the process of getting an individual or organisation’s contact information of who/which is showing interest in the product or service that you offer. In order to generate such leads on a digital platform, first, you have to drive traffic to your business website.
Traffic to your website can be generated in numerous effective ways. All it takes is consistency.
You can do so by SEO, softwares, keywords, guest blogging, sales prospecting methods, social media platforms and much more.
The next step would be to have a lead generation form. Just driving traffic to your website and not getting their contact details would make them a site visitor and not your lead. You should communicate with the site visitors to convert them into a leads. Such communication for a long term relationship can be best done through emails.

Lead Generation Form:
Lead generation forms are the most important component of lead generation. It facilitates the overall process by collecting information of the site visitors. This helps you convert such visitors into actual leads.
It helps you compile user data.
Site visitors don’t just submit their contact information. You need to a plan in order to compel them into submitting. This can be done by providing offers.
An offer is something that you offer to the site visitor that compels them to give their contact information. It becomes a critical part of your lead generation process as it persuades the visitor to share their personal information.
The important part in lead generation campaigns is the CTAs or Call To Actions.
Call To Action is either a button on the website that directs a site visitor to take a particular action. A compelling CTA takes users to your offer thereby allowing them in providing their contact information.

Lead Management
Leads come from different sources such as Web sites, social media, direct mail, third-party providers, events and call centres. Businesses undertake marketing strategies to attract potential customers, whether at the shopping mall, over the Internet or in person on the retail floor. It is vital to identify, understand and take relevant action immediately, as soon as the consumer states an interest.
Managing the generated leads helps you understand which tactics are bringing in the best or most leads. Thereby, you can optimise your plan to be both efficient and effective.

Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing is a relation-expanding process. It uses media platforms such as email, whitepapers, blogs, telecommunication, social media, third-party articles etc. The aim of lead nurturing is to support the prospects with relevant information and engage the same leads in an ongoing dialogue.
The goal of lead nurturing is to support and nurture long-term opportunities with the hope that these prospects or leads may indulge in future sales

Lead Conversion
Lead conversion is the final stage in this process. This means that the prospect has successfully converted into a sale. It helps us organise our prospects and move them through the sales cycle. This is the sole reason behind generating leads; to convert leads into paying customers. Leads become a dead asset if you’re not keeping in touch via follow-ups.
This doesn’t mean that the customer contact can be scrapped. It is of utmost value to the company. Even after the transaction is complete with the customer, the relationship still goes on. The existing customers are the best in generating more leads. And converting these leads is not as hard as they were referred by the existing customer and he adds brand value.
What is your lead generation process like? Do talk to us #WeCanHelp

Social Profiles – The New-Age Tool

he creation of social profiles for the purpose of marketing is a new-age tool. Many SEO services tend to create fake profiles on social media networks to contact and tap potential consumers. However, they do not really follow a method that earn a favorable return on investment. The online users who are contacted are simply not interested because these social profiles are intruding on their privacy.

Our social profile creation services are markedly different. We do not believe in pushing across web links and spamming social media users. We carefully profile what kind of consumers we are targeting and process accordingly.
Different social media channels have specific demographics. While you will find people having a nice time on Facebook, those on LinkedIn are serious professionals. Our social profile creation services make this distinction while strategizing your online business. We keep in mind the consumer group that you are looking at. Then we create social profiles. Our social profiles are not half-baked jobs that are used to push links to your website on a random basis. A lot of study and research goes into creating online designs that are most effective for your business. Social media is not a teenage phenomenon anymore. It is a professional marketing tool and hence need to make optimum use of it.

It’s a off-page technique used by SEO’s to create profile for their client websites using various social channels. It is a one type link building technique. For a social profile creation you require:

● A company name
● Website address
● Company address
● A brief and detailed description of your company
● An email address
● Contact telephone
● Company Logo

To start off social profile creation services, we engage the following criterion:
● Well-researched and complete social profiles according to the stipulation of your business. The background information and a rough biography sketch is created so that SEO service administrators can handle them uniformly.
● Study social media networks and understand their demographic patterns. We focus our efforts on platforms that your targeted potential customers are using
● Social profiles are used to interact and post comments on social media networks. Also they are used to publish blogs and articles to generate opinion and interest about your brand
● Create a brand identity for your business by using social profile creation services
When you create a social profile you need to optimize your profile 100% so that the users can easily get view of your profile. Main importance is to provide information for the user.
At Entwined Media Ltd #WeCanHelp.

Why is Content Creation Important for my online business?

As digital online marketers, we know how important content creation is for a company’s blog page, website and social media sites.
Companies all over the world have their defined way of describing who they are and what they do. Creative Content Creation, helps your company build a reputable brand, gain recognition, retain and acquire customers and most importantly emerge as experts amongst your competitors.

In the creation of content, there are 3 essential factors you have to put into consideration.

The world keeps changing over time. This means, there is need to stay up-to-date with the information you share with your audiences. You need to come up with a content idea that will be of value to the people who matter most to your business, that is, your customers and prospects.
Safaricom, a tele communication company in Kenya launched its 4G service in October 28, 2016, across seven cities that is, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kisii and Meru. With this new product, Safaricom continues to create different content that will ensure they attract, reach and engage their target audience hence acquire more sale for the service.

Remember, it is easy to sell a solution to a current pain than to solve it when it is less of a concern. It is easy to sell a phone to someone who has just discovered that it will cost them 8,000 ksh to repair their old phone. News sites are the best when it comes to staying fresh and timely.
Mpasho is number one freshest Kenyan entertainment news site. They will always inform and share stories about prominent and celebrities that will arouse their audiences emotions hence create the desire to read through their articles.
An example is an article they wrote concerning Prezzo, a Kenyan music artist.
MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Prezzo Involved In a Drunk Driving Accident after Leaving Ngong Road Bar

Identify where the pain is. Get an understanding of what your audiences finds urgent, rough and worrying. With that in mind, find an in depth solution. As you look at the pain points of your customers, ensure that you use the right channels to reach your audience. This may be inform of visual content videos, blog posts, short reports or emails amongst many others.
We understand your pain points, therefore, our team of experts help you figure out the right content for your website, helps in managing your social media accounts and manage your display ads paid search ads.

Building a website requires the right Technical Architecture from the beginning!

Every company has a mission and a vision. The vision starts to fall into place when you have a world class design. To do this you require up-to-date skills to develop the technical solution for your digital strategy.
Web architecture is the foundation of the majority of worldwide networks on devices, apps, and services using web based communications. It is a layer that deals with challenges such as security, sales, efficiency and robustness of your website.

There are many platforms to build on but as a company, ou need to know the following;
1. Does the company platform describe your company well?
A good architecture should be that it describes your company well and in the easiest way to understand. All the relevant information about your company should be available on the website for example.
In most cases the basic architecture includes a homepage, an about page(For the company profile), Services page, careers page, contacts and other important plugins that link to your website.
2. Also you should know and ask yourself if all the information needed by the clients if it’s available on the website
A good website should have all the necessary information needed by the client who visit it. Focus when designing the architecture should be placed on giving all information to clients that they need to know about your products and services.
3. Do your website have an appealing and attractive user interface?
The design of your website should be visibly pleasing and appealing in order to drive huge traffics. When the website architecture is being considered you should look at things like large text fonts for easier visibility, more content for your users enlightenment.
In place there should be trust indicators such as a domain name that makes sense, branded email address, a competent design, a reliable host, an about us page, contact page, customer testimonials and a tidy website in terms of grammar. This features give clients the confidence as they visit your website.
Another important aspect of the interface is the appearance and accessibility on different gadgets for example the appearance on phones and on computer. The interface should be great to accommodate both versions.
4. The website integration.
In your website you should integrate features and link that related to you. Your company could be having a blog, a facebook account, twitter, google +, Linkedin profile or an instagram account, all this should be linked to your website.
5. The number of pages and their ease of accessibility.
The number of pages on your website should be manageable both by you and the end users who access them. When accessed the navigation should be done with ease such that the scrolling is easier. One should not take time to find what they are interested in on the website.

At Entwined Media Limited the good news is that for every need you will find a proper ready made made architecture solutions and its components once you give us your requirements.
We focus on solving your end user problems. We first try to understand your customers and then come up with a unique web architecture. #WecanHelp

Am I using the right Digital Media Platforms? A Platform Analysis guide!

For each organization, you need to know the items or things in your digital marketing that drive your short-term interests but you also need to understand what impact it is having on some of your ongoing trading performances.
This analysis gives an important guide on what to do in order to succeed online; choosing the right platform(s) is of utmost importance to attract the relevant customers who will need your products and/or services.
In Digital Marketing, a digital platform refers to either hardware or software of a site for presenting content, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Websites and sometimes SMS. It brings together the different user groups that is, consumers and producers who do not know each other thus facilitating interaction.
One also has to consider do they have the right hosting servers if a website has a lot of downtime that means loss of business for the business provider!
At times, we confuse what is marketing campaigns, branding, and digital platforms. Simply for campaigns and branding, they are marketing strategies that incorporate digital platforms
Hence, platform analysis is the determining through research of your existing digital platforms on what you need to do in order to succeed in online marketing.

What we do.
At Entwined Media Limited when we carry out your platform analysis and engage with you, we help you to answer the following questions.
What platform(s) is your company using for its digital marketing?
If you have a platform for digital marketing, which platform are you using? It could either be a Facebook account, Twitter, the company Website, an SMS platform and many more.
Among the platforms you have how are they performing? Are they generating leads for potential clients or customers? Are they giving the desired feedback from customers about your product and/or services?

●Which of the platform is the best performing among them all?
●What is making customers attracted to the best performing platform?
●Which other platforms in existence can you venture into and generate success?
●Which platform has a potential among them all?
●Where should focus be directed more?
●How can you improve those platforms that are not performing best?

When we answer these questions and more we are able to do an analysis and see what strategy best fits your company.

Benefits of platform analysis.

1. Reduce Costs.
This helps in determining the platforms that we most need and we put more focus on them. By doing so we help you spend your resources prudently on the most important sources and by avoiding the unnecessary ones you save a lot on your resources hence reducing your operating costs of the platforms.
2. Maximise Capability.
When a platform analysis is carried out you are able to maximise your capability by using the platforms that are beneficial to your company and help you to grow.
3. Gain Speed to put products on the target markets.
A good analysis of the platforms helps us to understand which channels are the best to help with reaching the company’s target markets
4. Foster collaboration and Innovation for new products and Services.
With platform analysis we help you to create a collaboration between your channels for effective working between them. This creates and actualizes the idea of killing two birds with a stone once there is effective collaboration.
At Entwined Media Ltd, #WeCanhelp.