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The country has been taken by storm in the recent past following the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus which emanated from china. The growth in a number of the suspected cases has seen a great decrease in the business model as is the norm.

E3 2020 is the latest tech conference to bite the dust in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. E3 is regarded as one of the biggest entertainment expos in the world. Countries have taken major steps in a bid to curb the spread of the virus, this has seen e-commerce take the centre stage as the main mode of purchase of goods and services. Here in Kenya online stores like Jumia, Glovo, Uber eats and many others have seen a steady rise in purchases of goods.  This has since proven the need for a broader e-commerce market in the country. People are almost preferring #contactlessdelivery

The best way to capitalize on a business is anticipating needs and finding a way to solve those needs. Customers have a need for various goods but the wise will anticipate their deep-seated emotional needs in this COVID 19 upheaval. The customers need to feel safe and they will try to confine themselves to their safe havens. The e-commerce business operators are well aware of this and they know this is their time to step in and save the ship. They will look to satisfy all the customers’ needs hence customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will eventually lead to the profitability of these businesses. You can call it a chain reaction, if you may.

At the moment ONE CORONA case has been confirmed in Kenya and the government seems prepared Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe officially opened a coronavirus isolation centre at Nairobi’s Mbagathi hospital, as part of government measures on preparedness in combating the deadly virus