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Monthly Archive January 20, 2020

website design Nairobi

Every company has a mission and a vision. The vision starts to fall into place when you have a world-class design. To do this you require up-to-date skills to develop the technical solution for your digital strategy.
Web architecture is the foundation of the majority of worldwide networks on devices, apps, and services using web-based communications. It is a layer that deals with challenges such as security, sales, efficiency and robustness of your website.

There are many platforms to build on but as a company, You need to know the following;

  1. Does the company platform describe your company well?
    Good architecture should be that it describes your company well and is the easiest way to understand. All the relevant information about your company should be available on the website for example.
    In most cases, the basic architecture includes a homepage, an about page(For the company profile), Services page, careers page, contacts and other important plugins that link to your website.
    2. Also, you should know and ask yourself if all the information needed by the clients if it’s available on the website
    A good website should have all the necessary information needed by the client who visits it. Focus when designing the architecture should be placed on giving all information to clients that they need to know about your products and services.
    3. Does your website have an appealing and attractive user interface?
    The design of your website should be visibly pleasing and appealing in order to drive huge traffics. When the website architecture is being considered you should look at things like large text fonts for easier visibility, more content for your users’ enlightenment.
    In place, there should be trust indicators such as a domain name that makes sense, branded email address, a competent design, a reliable host, an about us page, contact page, customer testimonials and a tidy website in terms of grammar. These features give clients confidence as they visit your website.
    Another important aspect of the interface is the appearance and accessibility of different gadgets, for example, the appearance on phones and on computer. The interface should be great to accommodate both versions.
    4. The website integration.
    In your website, you should integrate features and link that related to you. Your company could be having a blog, a Facebook account, twitter, google +, LinkedIn profile or an Instagram account, all this should be linked to your website.
    5. The number of pages and their ease of accessibility.
    The number of pages on your website should be manageable both by you and the end-users who access them. When accessed the navigation should be done with ease such that the scrolling is easier. One should not take time to find what they are interested in on the website.

At Entwined Media Limited the good news is that for every need you will find proper ready-made architecture solutions and its components once you give us your requirements.
We focus on solving your end-user problems. We first try to understand our customers and then come up with a unique web architecture. #WecanHelp

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