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Online Audit

Online Audit

Accessing your online presence and effectiveness of your digital marketing tools is vital. It is a self check routine of your entire digital ecosystem that allows you to gain insights on how your programs are performing and how you can speed things up for you return on investments.
Importantly here is to reconsider if your current digital marketing and presence are functional. Don't rely on guess work. Do an online Audit.

What is an Online Audit?
Online Auditing can be defined as a process of examining the activities, techniques, processes and the performance of your existing digital campaign. Also, it can be described as the process that provides a business with a ‘zoomed out’ perspective of your entire online marketing efforts along with reviews of specific marketing channels.
This gives you a competitive advantage and ensures optimization of your marketing resources. At Entwined Media Limited we conduct your online audit and review your online presence and capabilities through a dedicated assessment. This analysis reveals your SWOT factors.

Benefits of Online Audit
Performing an audit of your online marketing strategy is a great place to start if your business is looking to gain a competitive advantage and ensure your marketing resources are not going into waste.
An Online Audit on regular basis is one way to keep your company ahead of the curve. A detailed understanding of how your online marketing campaigns are performing will give you the competitive edge and help you increase revenue.

By reviewing content across your digital channels, you will be able to identify opportunities to improve performance. Some the benefits your business will receive with a professional digital marketing audit includes:

● A detailed, data-based analysis of your current online marketing campaigns.
● A structured approach to help you understand the performance of your digital content.
● Know the costs of your digital strategy and review ROI.
● Review your competitive positioning in your market to maintain a competitive advantage in your target market.
● Detailed analysis of particular channels based on your needs and business goals.
● Helps come up with a well-defined marketing plan
● It creates business clarity for optimum resource utilization.

Comprehensive analysis and suggestions to address problem areas. You will also receive professional insight to optimize and next-step guide to improving your area of interest.

What we do.
At Entwined when we carry out your online audit strategy you will learn: how to improve your web presence with a targeted focus area to generate more leads, other channels to focus on and effective ways to plan digital online marketing.

Our team helps you to understand the following.
1. What you are currently using and the effectiveness of it.
2. The reach of your online strategy in terms of the rank, do you have an email? Is there a social media presence?
3. The digital architecture you are using and help you answer questions like, is your website accessibility easier or user-friendly? How best are your social media channels setup?
4. Content. Do you have a content strategy in place? How strong are your content assets? What formats are you using? Text? Video? Photos? Audio? Applications?
5. Conversion. Are your digital channels designed with a conversion funnel in mind? Do you have any forms on your website, Facebook, blog, etc? What is your rate of form fills per visitor? What is your form abandonment rate?
6. Integration. Are social media channels accessible from your website? Are you cross linking from one social media channel to another? Are you linking back to your website from social media channels? Do your offline activities connect back to digital channels i.e. print ads, trade shows, etc.
7. Measurement. Do you have objectives in place for awareness, influence, engagement, and action? What metrics are you using to gauge performance? Do you have reporting protocols in place? What is the frequency of measurement and reporting? Are there feedback loops in place? Are reports analyzed and acted upon?
At Entwined, #WecanHelp